SC40 vertical compact cartooning machine

SC40 vertical compact cartooning machine

machine  Vertical compact cartonig



small bundle boxes such as tooth paste or medicinal are placed inside the box, the device intakes and opens each box and willing to take a product such as tubes, plates tablet or any other product that has been packed inside the box. After putting the products, the up and bottom of the boxes are automatically closed and in the final step the boxes are driven out of the machine.


مشخصات دستگاه:

  • بروشور گذار اتوماتیک
  • کد زن embossing coder
  • PLC مارک  SIEMENS
  • جکهای دربند مارک FESTO
  • قابلیت تغییر سایز نگهدارنده کارتن بدون نیاز به تعویض قطعه
  • کوپلینگ ایمنی گشتاور Torque limiter
  • بدنه تمام استیل و آلومینیوم
  • طراحی ارگونومیک


  • Air consumption and air pressure
  • 150l/min at 6 bar
  • Space requirements and net weight
  • 1500mm/350kg × 1400 × 1500








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